Meet The Troop



Founder of Gorilla Gang Clothing

I started off as a personal trainer, wanting to help people explore the fitness world and all its glory. Always having a passion for animals, I thought of a way to merge the two and created Gorilla Gang Clothing. A trip to the zoo with my daughter and Elaina is what initially inspired me. When we were there, my daughter asked me what "endangered" meant. I then realized that there would be a possible chance that she will one day never be able to see these animals in person, even at a zoo. This inspired me to want to help the animal population, starting with gorillas. Elaina and I worked together to make this a reality and I can not wait witness the full impact that this company will have to my daughters future!

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I am a web designer of many interests and hobbies. I love animals, music and working out! Anthony and I have been working together in this business for a few years and I am so happy we have made it to this spot. I am so excited to have people around me who are so supportive and want to help the gorillas as much as we do!
I come up with the womens designs and I am working closely with new faces to find ways to innovate this line!

Thanks for your support towards Gorilla Gang Clothing !!